I am Sindhu, from palakkad. I have Melanoma, skin cancer. I had a mole under my eyes, friend's husband send me to Dr. Bibilash Babu. After sending the reports and talking to doctor I had got a confidence within me. My confident boosted up when I met doctor in person, it was risky as it was on the face and the risky procedure it was. August 3rd 2017 was the day of surgery, after three months of the surgery nobody was able to tell that I had gone through a surgery on my face, only a small mark was there even thou the surgery was a big one. The care doctor gives I don't think no one else will give, he still calls and asks about our health and all. Explaining about the entire problem even thou being busy and having a hectic schedule he makes time for it. This is a great blessing for a patient.


There was a bend in my nose. It was by birth.. I consulted Bibilash doctor and doctor gave me confidence to proceed with surgery.. The result of surgery is very satisfactory. Now shape of my nose is pretty normal.


I am Ramesh from Thalassery, Kerala, India..I would like to share my experience as a patient with Dr.Bibilash Babu.. I had a facial issue from my birth. When I smile, the left upper lip used to overstretch upwards and the right cheek size was a bit lower than the left. So it was my long-time wish to straighten it. Last year January, I went to consult a plastic surgeon and met Dr.Bibilash there. He was very receptive and diligently diagnosed my facial issue and recommended a plastic surgery. He explained me very clearly that it was not the left lip having the problem, actually,the right lip muscles were not acting normally and bcoz of that reason the left lip was overfunctioning. Doctor gave me the assurance that it can be amended and recommended a Botox injection to the left lip and a fat filling surgery to the right cheek.The result was amazing after the treatment. I was so happy as I got a nice profile?. Doctor told me that he had referred around 20 medical journals before giving me the Botox injection. So he was very precise in it. I was very comfortable with his treatment.He convinced me all about my facial issue and was caring me like my sibling in the operation theater.

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