Lip Augmentation

what is lip augmentation?

Full, sensual lips have long been considered an aesthetic ideal. Lip augmentation with lip implants or dermal fillers plumps up lips and enhances the look of the entire face. Those who have thin lips can especially benefit from lip enhancement. Recovery time after a lip augmentation procedure is typically short, making lip enhancement one of the easiest ways to make the face more visually appealing.

Thin lips are a concern for many women. Lip augmentation can increase lip volume and reduce the appearance of lipstick lines by filling age-related creasing along the lip border. Most women are good candidates for lip augmentation, but anyone considering the procedure should learn about the risks and benefits of lip augmentation before making a decision.

Ideal Lip Augmentation Candidates

Adults of nearly any age may be good candidates for lip augmentation. Patients with naturally thin lips or an age-related decrease in lip volume typically derive exceptional results from the procedure. Anyone who undergoes lip augmentation should be in good health and have reasonable expectations about the outcome that can be achieved. Often the cosmetic surgeon will show you before and after photos of previous patients to display the results of lip augmentation with injectable lip fillers, fat transfer, and lip implants.

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Pre-operative Instructions

Prior to undergoing a lip augmentation procedure, patients should obtain pre-operative instructions from their doctors. In the case of fat transfer and lip implant procedures, patients should:

  • Stop taking certain medications, herbs, and vitamins a couple of weeks before surgery
  • Avoid eating or drinking food after midnight on the day of surgery
  • Wear comfortable clothes to their surgical appointments
  • Avoid wearing make-up, jewelry, and contact lenses on the day of surgery
  • Arrange a ride home from a family member or friend

The lip augmentation procedure with dermal fillers is less invasive the fat transfer with liposuction and placement of lip implants. Patients can drive themselves to and from their appointments, provided they do not take any pain medication that could cause impairment while driving.


Medical Considerations

Because there is the possibility of allergic reaction to the materials used for lip augmentation, the prospective candidates should report any preexisting allergies to the surgeon. Those who are choosing to undergo surgery to place lip implants should also report any respiratory problems that could potentially be compounded by anesthesia.

There is a wide variety of dermal fillers and lip implants available to accomplish lip augmentation, and not all of these options are safe for every person. In order to ensure the best results after lip augmentation, be sure to choose a facial plastic surgeon you can trust. Your surgeon should use only FDA approved lip augmentation products, and should take care to select the method that is ideal for your medical and cosmetic needs.


Compared with other cosmetic surgeries, the risk of complications from lip implants is relatively low. However, it is a good idea to be aware of possible complications before undergoing any type of surgery. Some of the risks associated with permanent lip augmentation include implant rejection, infection, implant migration, scarring, and stiffness of the lips. These risks can be greatly reduced, however, by choosing an experienced surgeon to perform your lip implant procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Procedure

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for lip enhancement?
Men and women who are physically healthy, realistic in their expectations, and interested in adding fullness to the lips may be good candidates for lip enhancement. Your surgeon will be able to tell you which particular procedures may be right for you.

Q. What is collagen?
Collagen is a naturally occurring protein made from purified cow skin. Collagen injections can be used for lip enhancement and provide temporary results that last an average of three to six months.

Q. What is AlloDerm?
AlloDerm is an option for lip enhancement in which a natural collagen sheet made of donated human tissue is inserted through tiny incisions inside the corners of the mouth. With time, the collagen sheet becomes integrated with the natural tissues

Q. What is SoftForm?
SoftForm is a synthetic implant that may be used for lip enhancement. Made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), this implant produces permanent results.

Q. What is Gore-Tex?
Gore-Tex is a synthetic implant that may be used for lip enhancement. The implant is made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) and produces permanent results.

Q. What is autologen?
Autologen is an injectable collagen that may be used for lip enhancement. The collagen is harvested from small pieces of the patient’s own skin and provides temporary results.

Q. What is dermalogen?
Dermalogen is an injectable Human Tissue Matrix (HTM) made of donor human tissue that may be used for lip enhancement.

Q. What is fascian?
Fascian is a type of injectable which is made of donor-fascia, which is connective tissue made of collagen. Fascian may be used for lip enhancement and produces results that last up to six months.

Q. What is HylaForm?
HylaForm, an injectable soft tissue filler, may be used for lip enhancement. HylaForm is comprised of hyaluronic acid extracted from rooster combs and can provide results lasting up to six months.

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